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Artistry is a range of skincare and cosmetic products sold by the American multi-level marketing company Amway and produced by Access Business Group. Artistry includes a variety of beautifying, nutritional and healthy products. Besides this, they also sell makeup, fragrances and other remedies.

Meaning and History

Artistry Logo history

The first products by Artistry were designed in the late 60s. Just a few years after that, the company behind the production of Artistry goods was acquired by Amway, which incorporates these products even now. The name alludes to various creative ways you can improve your skin and overall appearance.


Artistry logo old
The older logo consisted of an emblem, as well as the name wordmark. The latter consisted of big and tall sans-serif letters. It was mostly a golden color with some glint and shading all over it. The emblem is a narrow, tall letter ‘A’ with a diagonal central bar that fuses with the left side.


Artistry logo
Later, they adopted a simpler logo – the same wordmark as before, except with a uniform bronze color. The emblem is not in use anymore.


In addition to the wordmark, the Artistry logo may include a stylized “A” emblem. They can be used within a single design or separately.

Logo Artistry

The “A” symbol has an elaborate style due to the fact that the middle bar of the letter has been replaced by a decorative curve.

While the glyphs in the “Artistry” wordmark may look by far simpler, they also have an elegant touch due to the slight variation in the widths of the strokes.