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The University of Capella is one of the non-state universities in the US, located in Minnesota (Minneapolis). Beginning as a private High School, less than 10 years later, it received the status of the University, undergraduate and graduate programs (including remote ones). Subsequently, the directions of doctoral studies were also opened.

Logo History

Capella University logo

The first logo of the Graduate School in Minneapolis was created in the year of registration of the new school in 1993. The founders of the brand were Stephen Shenk and Harold Abel. The institution was granted regional registration in 1997, and in 1999 – the status of the University.

In 2006, the University of the Capella entered the exchange as a successful educational company.


Symbol Capella university

Among the symbols of the University of Capella, the most striking is the symbol of a high mountain with a sharp peak. Even after changing the logo, the mountain has been preserved, but has become more recognizable, and now is represented by two peaks. At the same time, it also means the necessary efforts that must be overcome on the way to the tops, and two relevant areas of training.


Emblem Capella university

The central element of the emblem of the University of Capella is the letter C, located in the heraldic structure. At the heart of this structure is a triangular shield with a sharp base. The original emblem was a symmetrical structure with a rhombus of irregular shape inscribed in the crest structure, as well as two five-pointed stars in the upper part of the structure.

After receiving the status of the university, the educational company changed the logo, rejecting the form of the emblem in favor of a round emblem whose central space is divided into 4 parts, in which the letters “C” and “U”, two stars, and also the double mountain peak.


The logo uses a classic font, which only emphasizes the traditions (though relatively short in time).


Color of the Capella university logo

In the first version of the logo, burgundy (nobility and originality) and black color (plus a white background) were used. In the second, the same logo turned into a monochrome black and white design, stylish and practical.

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