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Johns Hopkins University is a private education institution, which was established in  1876, and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Today it is one of the top ten universities in America and the world. The university is named after American entrepreneur Johns Hopkins, who donated 7 million USD to its founding, the largest philanthropic contribution in the United States at the time.

Meaning and history

Johns Hopkins University Logo history

Johns Hopkins University is the oldest research university in America, founded in 1876. The main campus of the university is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is also one of the oldest research universities in the Western Hemisphere.

From the very beginning, the mission of the university was research activities, and the main focus was postgraduate education and the support of research teachers. Two years after its founding, the university’s publishing house was opened and continues to operate to this day. The continuing education program began in 1909, and in 1916 the first school of public health in the United States arose here. The university’s Department of Applied Physics was a major government defense contractor in 1942. And since 2000, the university’s divisions began to actively develop: new institutes, laboratories, schools of business, and pedagogy emerged.

Johns Hopkins University is known for its strong training in medicine, chemistry, biology, and law. In more than 140 years, many important discoveries have been made here. Thirty-six scientists have won Nobel Prizes.

Johns Hopkins University has invested the most money in research in the country for 41 consecutive years. Under its belt are dozens of scientific discoveries that have changed the world. Among them is the first color photograph of the Earth from space, the motion sickness remedy Dramamine, rubber surgical gloves, the blood test for cancer, the chlorination water purification system, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Johns Hopkins University has nine academic divisions: arts and sciences, engineering, business, education, medicine, nursing, health care, music, and international relations. In all, the university offers more than 400 programs.

51 Majors and 46 Minors are available at the undergraduate level.

What is Johns Hopkins University?
Johns Hopkins University is a private research university, which was established in Maryland in 1876, and is considered to be the oldest institution of its kind in the United States. The university is one of the top 10 educational organizations in the USA and the world.

In terms of visual identity, Johns Hopkins University has been pretty consistent, with a minimum amount of redesigns throughout the years. Its current logo is based on the heraldic seal, executed in a modern and fresh manner. Although the original seal is still used by the university, is a separate element.

???? – 2013

Johns Hopkins University Logo old

Before 2013 the logo of Johns Hopkins University was composed of a two-leveled inscription, executed in a light shade of blue, and set on a white background. It had no graphical elements in it and was more often used with the bold and ornate heraldic crest. The lettering was set in a medium-weight slightly narrowed serif typeface.

2013 – Today

Johns Hopkins University Logo

The redesign of 2013 has changed the color palette of the Johns Hopkins University logo to a darker blue and added a graphical element above the refined serif lettering. The emblem is a modernized seal, executed in blue and white. The crest is divided into three parts, with the top and left ones in solid blue, and the right one with checkered blue and white patterns. The upper fragment of the emblem has a white image of an open book on it, while the left fragment features a contoured drawing of a globe.


Johns Hopkins University Logo Seal

The Johns Hopkins University seal is composed of a classic-shaped shield, placed over a vertically oriented silver plate with leaves and lettering engraved on it. The crest itself is divided into five segments: the top one in blue, and the main part with four fragments — two in brown and gold, and two in silver and red.

The top blue part of the crest boasts a golden globe image with two open books on the sides. The globe symbolized the worldwide’s reach of the university, while books stand for knowledge and discovery.

As for the main part of the crest, it repeats the heraldic coat of arms of Lord Baltimore, with two crosses and two checkered fragments.


Johns Hopkins University Logo Athletics

The athletic program of Johns Hopkins University is called Johns Hopkins Blue Jays. It is composed of 24 men’s and women’s teams, competing in the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The logo of the Blue Jays features a smooth and bright image of a bird’s head in light blue, white, and black. The image can be set on a plain white background, or a solid black crest.

Font and color

Johns Hopkins University Emblem

The uppercase serif lettering from the primary logo of Johns Hopkins University uses a classic typeface; which is very close to such fonts as Garamond Nr 2 SH Book and Garam Simon SH Roman. It looks elegant and timeless, brilliantly balancing the modern version of the seal, placed above the wordmark.

As for the color palette of the Johns Hopkins University visual identity, it is set in medium-blue and white, looking fresh and evoking a sense of professionalism, excellence, and reliability.

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