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Centenary Gentlemen Logo
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Centenary Gentlemen is the name of an athletic program from the Centenary College, a private educational institution, based in Louisiana and established in 1825. Although Centenary College is specialized in liberal arts, its sports direction is also very well-developed. The program is composed of several men’s and women’s teams in different disciplines.

Meaning and history

Centenary Gentlemen is the name of the varsity sports teams attending the liberal arts college in Shreveport, Louisiana. Most known for its men’s basketball club, which competes in the third division of the NCAA. The program moved to the third division only in 2011, and before that, they were a part of Division I. Apart from the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Centenary Gentlemen are also members of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference.

What is Centenary Gentlemen?
Centenary Gentlemen is the collegiate athletic program of Centenary College, a private arts college in Louisiana, United States. The program is composed of 17 teams, where men and women compete in various sports disciplines, including Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country, and others.

As for the visual identity, the Centenary Gentlemen athletic program from the Louisiana liberal arts college has been very loyal, keeping the logo, designed in the 1980s for more than three decades by now. This is pretty understandable, as the badge looks very bright and progressive, not overloaded by extra elements, and stays eye-catching on uniforms of any color.

1985 — Today

Centenary Gentlemen Logo

The Centenary Gentlemen logo, designed in 1985, is executed in a red, white, and black color palette, and can be placed on red or white backgrounds. The main element of the badge is a solid red circle in a black outline, with an extra-bold white capital “C”, also outlined in black. The “C” featured a square shape with rounded angles and looks stable and powerful.

The full inscription in all capitals of an extended sans-serif typeface is written around the emblem, repeating its circular shape, with the “Centenary College”, arched on the upper part, divided from the “Athletics” at the bottom by two solid red triangles, pointing to the red roundel. When placed on a red background, the triangles get invisible.

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