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The Bullet Club logo helps to create the aggressive image of the professional wrestling group. It also reflects the club’s name.

Meaning and history

Logo Bullet Club

The logo made its appearance on the “Bone Soldier” shirt, which has been incredibly popular. For instance, in spring 2016 it was sold more often than any other shirt on the Pro Wrestling Tees store.

Bullet Club logo

The logo consists of two parts. The wordmark features the name of the club in two lines, with decorative elements on both sides. Below it, there is a mask known as the “Bone Soldier”, with two guns crossed in front of it. And of course, there are the bullets.

“Bone Soldier” emblem Bullet Club

emblem Bullet Club

The aggressive, if not cruel, name of the emblem refers to the fictional character, an imaginary wrestler. It has been used as a nickname for several members of the Bullet Club. Probably, the most popular of them has been the wrestler Mitsuhide Hirasawa, previously known as Captain New Japan.


Font Bullet Club logo

The uppercase sans serif typeface featured in the wordmark is recognizable due to the unusual shape of the letters. Each letter is broken in two or three parts.


Color Bullet Club logo

The color scheme of the Bullet Club logo is very close to black-and-white. However, in fact it is not pure white, but a yellowish white.