Brocade Logo

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Brocade is an IT company, which was established in 1995 in the United States. Brocade specializes in developing network managing software as well as security programs and traffic management.

Meaning and history

The Brocade visual identity is based on the principle of minimalist modern design. Composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its right, the company’s logo looks elegant and contemporary.

Brocade Logo

The Brocade wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a bold and strict sans-serif typeface with straight lines and enough space between the letters. It looks powerful and solid.

The Brocade emblem, placed on the right of the inscription, on its upperparts, depicts a delicate red symbol, which resembles a pair of wings, placed horizontally.

The Brocade emblem also looks like a stylized letter “B” and symbolizes movement and progress.

Brocade Emblem

The black and red color palette of the Brocade logo is a representation of a powerful company with an innovative approach. The company, that values quality and is loyal to its customers.

The Brocade logo’s simplicity says a lot about the brand and shows it from its best sides. The timeless and strong, its logo is a perfect representative of an IT company with values of development and technological progress.

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