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Briggs & Riley is a renowned brand specializing in crafting premium travel gear, particularly luggage and business cases. Revered for its innovative designs, the company is known for its “Simple as that®” lifetime guarantee, emphasizing product durability and customer trust. Predominantly active in North America and Europe, its market presence is expanding globally. Family-owned, it’s steered by the founding U.S. Luggage LLC. In recent times, Briggs & Riley has focused on sustainable initiatives and tech-friendly luggage solutions, adapting to modern traveler needs.

Meaning and history

Briggs & Riley’s story is one of innovation and dedication. Rooted in the 1990s, it emerged under the umbrella of U.S. Luggage LLC, a long-standing enterprise known for quality baggage products. From its inception, the brand made a mark with its commitment to creating functional, durable luggage.

One pivotal moment was the introduction of the “Simple as that®” lifetime guarantee. This warranty, covering repairs for all functional aspects of their products, not only differentiated them in the market but also emphasized their trust in their own craftsmanship.

Over the years, the brand has introduced various groundbreaking innovations. The Outsider® handle, which offers a flat packing surface, and the CX™ compression-expansion system, which increases packing capacity, are testament to their forward-thinking approach.

While remaining family-owned, Briggs & Riley underwent subtle shifts in management style and vision, always keeping customer needs at the forefront. The 2000s and 2010s saw them focusing on tech-savvy and eco-conscious travelers. Adapting to these market demands, they launched products with enhanced protection for electronics and took steps towards sustainability.

Despite challenges like economic downturns or changing travel habits, the brand has consistently evolved. It expanded its retail footprint, not just in its primary North American market but also across Europe and other continents.

Today, Briggs & Riley stands as a symbol of reliability and innovation in the luggage industry, with a history that showcases resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence.


Briggs and Riley Logo

The image showcases a minimalistic yet bold logo that spells “BRIGGS & RILEY.” The letters are rendered in a confident and sleek uppercase font, evenly spaced and linear. The “&” sign sits symmetrically between the two names, acting as a bridge that binds them. The backdrop is a pure white, which offers a stark contrast, accentuating the brand name. The overall design exudes an air of simplicity, professionalism, and modernity.