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Boligsiden is a Danish property portal that presents all properties and real estate available for sale through real estate agents in Denmark. It operates as a joint-stock company owned by members of the Danish Real Estate Association (Dansk Ejendomsmæglerforening). Founded in 1999 by the Danish Real Estate Association, Boligsiden was established to provide a comprehensive overview of all properties and plots for sale in Denmark.

Meaning and history

Boligsiden, Denmark’s premier digital real estate hub, was initiated in 1999 by the Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents, aiming to centralize the fragmented property market. It flourished as a single platform where comprehensive property data and listings were made accessible, fostering transparency in the housing market. Over time, Boligsiden evolved, its ownership and strategic direction guided by the collective input of its founding members, ensuring that the platform remained closely aligned with industry standards and customer needs.

As digitalization swept across industries, Boligsiden stayed ahead of the curve, modernizing its online services and expanding its database to cater to a growing user base interested in buying, selling, and renting properties. Instead of diversifying, Boligsiden honed its focus solely on real estate, perfecting features like detailed search filters and market analytics, which solidified its market position.

Throughout its history, Boligsiden has resisted external takeover bids, maintaining its unique identity and objectives. The company has not shifted owners or altered its core mission but has expanded its offerings. As of now, Boligsiden continues to lead the Danish property market, staying true to its original vision of simplifying property transactions and providing a trusted platform for real estate professionals and consumers alike. With a keen eye on market trends and a commitment to user-centric innovation, Boligsiden’s journey is one of sustained growth and service excellence within Denmark’s real estate sector.


Boligsiden Logo

The emblematic identity of Boligsiden is encapsulated in its distinctive logo, which features the brand’s name in a robust, sans-serif typography, rendered in a vibrant shade of scarlet. The text is all in lowercase, which lends a modern and approachable feel to the design. To the left of the name sits an abstract representation of a domicile, crafted with minimalist lines to form an archetypal house shape with a pointed roof, symbolizing the realm of residential spaces that Boligsiden operates within.

This iconic abode is outlined in the same scarlet tone, save for a small triangular segment at the crest, colored in a deep cerulean blue, which stands out against the red, perhaps signifying clarity and transparency in the company’s dealings. The overall design of the logo communicates the brand’s commitment to providing a clear, efficient, and accessible path to property listings and real estate data in a sleek and contemporary fashion.