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The Charlotte Bobcats is one of the most renowned basketball teams in the USA, a NBA member. The team was built in 2004, and now it is owned by Michael Jordan, a renowned player.

Meaning and history

Bobcats logo history

The team’s current logo features the head of a bobcat – a wild feline predator, which populates the woods of North Carolina, the team’s home state, and other regions of North America. The logo cat’s face wears an intimidating expression. The name is written in orange and white letters.  Blue, white, orange, and gray are colors that symbolize prestige, excellence, striving for success, perseverance, energy.

2004 — 2007

Charlotte Bobcats Logo 2004
The original Bobcats logo was created in 2004 and featured a sharp and modern blue badge with gray lettering placed above the head of the wild cat, drawn in profile facing to the right. The cat was executed in bright red and looked dangerous and aggressive. The “Charlotte” part of the logotype was set above the badge, in a bold italicized Sans-serif typeface, repeating the blue shade of the icon’s background.

2007 — 2012

Charlotte Bobcats Logo 2007
The redesign of 2007 kept the contours of all the elements untouched, and only switched the color palette of the sharp and cool emblem. The red cat was now set in orange, a color of dynamics and energy.

2012 — 2014

Charlotte Bobcats logo
In 2012 the Bobcats logo was refreshed again. The cat on the new logo features a light gray color, white the lettering above it is set in white and orange, and the “Charlotte” part of the logo is now placed directly on the badge, executed in orange.

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