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The logo of the watch brand Blancpain plays with the size of the letters and distance between them, which creates a strikingly original and unique style.

Meaning and history

Blancpain logo

The history of Blancpain started in 1735 in Villeret, Switzerland. Today, it is considered a very good watch brand. A subsidiary of the Swatch Group, it designs, makes, and sells a range of high-end Swiss watches.

What makes the emblem unique?

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The Blancpain logo catches your eye in a flash. And yet, you can’t immediately understand what’s so unusual about it. The large black letters themselves belong to a rather generic serif type, and still, they don’t look generic at all. The author of the design made the first and last letters higher than all the other glyphs. Also, the way the “L” and “I” are given next to the “A’s” makes them look as if they were of  a different height. In addition to this, there’s the brand’s emblem placed above the middle of the wordmark, which also adds to the feeling that the upper border of the line isn’t even and the glyphs are of different height. As a result of this, as well as the spacing, the design adopts an unusual visual rhythm, it looks a bit as if the letters were dancing.


watch brand Blancpain

The type used for the name of the brand is pretty traditional, with bold lines and distinctive serifs.



The choice of colors – black on the white background – helps to place the emphasis on the shape and visual rhythm of the logo.