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Emoji are quite a significant component of modern culture. Of course, they are mostly used by young people, and among this audience are quite popular various subcultural trends and movements. One of these subcultures, the most popular in recent decades, are Emo. Sootvezhnosti, quite often there is a need to use emoji associated with the culture of emo. And while there are a lot of Emo boy fun emojis on the Internet, they are not yet in the standard Unicode set. Let’s see what they can be replaced with.

What to replace the Emo Emoji with?

Although the Emo Boy emoji is still only available in add-on sets that can be purchased from the Apple or Google Store, our standard Unicode sets, which every modern device comes with as a base set, have emoticons that could very well be used to replace anything related to emo culture. Namely:

🖤 The Black Heart emoji is a symbol of emptiness, lack of emotion, which looks like a lifeless empty heart. The Black Heart emoji was assigned the code U+1F5A4, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 9.0 standard in 2016.

🥀 Emoticon “Wilted Rose” is a very sad and even tragic icon, which can be used quite clearly to convey the mood of the Emo subculture. The “Wilted Flower” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F940, with which it was added to the Animals and Nature section of the Unicode 9.0 standard in 2016.

Emo Emoji

Meaning  of Emo Emoji

Emo” is a term for a special kind of hardcore music based on crushing strong emotions in the vocalist’s voice and a melodic but sometimes chaotic or completely absent musical component. Squealing, crying, moaning, whispering are the hallmarks of this style. The lyrics are personal – about the author’s experiences, and in some cases about politics.

Today, “emo” is also a youth subculture, which has its own rules and styles of behavior, forming a special worldview of its followers. The word “emo” itself is a shortened version of “emotional”. Emo-kids (or imo-kids) means “emotional children”.

Emo adherents are thin, tall teenagers with stiff, straight, black hair. As a rule, they wear jagged, slashing bangs that cover half their faces and hair sticking out in different directions at the back of their heads. Girls usually prefer children’s small ponytails and brightly colored hairpins in the form of a heart. Trying to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes (the mirror of the emotional soul), emo-kids sometimes tint the lips and face with light powder or foundation. The eyes, on the contrary, are thickly eyelined with black.

As for the color scheme, the emo image is dominated by black, which symbolizes depression, unhappiness, rejection. Pink color is a reflection of joyful moments of life, a challenge to the general gloominess, denial of the connection of emo with the gloomy gothic subculture and approaching to pop-punk.

Emoji Emo


So, today we have highlighted the two main emoji that are most obviously associated with the popular Emo subculture. However, it’s up to you and your imagination, because Unicode has other dark and gothic emoji that can replace Emo sentiments in your messages. Just make sure that your interlocutor understands you correctly.