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Bkash is the name of a payment system, established in 2011 by the BRAC Bank Company and Bangladesh Bank. The financial application allows its customers to use all banking Services right through their gadgets and today it is considered to be one of the most popular and reliable online payment methods in its region.

Meaning and history

Bkash logo

Bkash is a relatively young service, which hasn’t had any experiments with its visual identity since the day of its introduction, in 2011. The only changes that were done to the online payment system’s logo were in just one letter of its wordmark and a tagline, which is sometimes used under the official version of the emblem.

The Bkash logo is composed of a bright geometric emblem, which is placed on the left or above the delicate and modest wordmark, and a light and simple tagline. The main part of the brand’s identity is definitely the emblem, which hosts a clean image of a paper bird in dark pink and white. The origami symbol makes the whole logo instantly recognizable and evokes a sense of freedom, the application tends to give to its customers — using bank services on the go, wherever you are.

As for the inscription, initially, it was set in black, but in a few years, the brand changed the color of just one letter, “B”, to pink, for a better balance between the graphical and text parts of the logo. The lettering is executed in a narrowed and elegant typeface with all the letters but “K” in the lowercase.

The “a BRAC Bank Company” tagline, which is not always used with the logo, is set in all capitals of a simple yet modern sans-serif typeface, in a light gray color, which adds professionalism and stability to an elegant and even sleek logo of the online payment system from Bangladesh.

What is BKash?
BKash is an online payment service, established in Bangladesh in 2011. The app of the brand is designed to help the customers use all the bank services directly through their phone, making transfers, regular payments, and storing money.

Font and color

The elegant and slightly narrowed lettering from the official BKash badge is set in a sophisticated typeface with clean contours and slightly flared ends of the bars with diagonal cuts. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia are Optima Pro Roman and Zapf Humanist 601 Std Roman.

As for the color palette of the BKash visual identity, it is based on a bright and sophisticated combination of black, pink, and white, with a very warm mood. The logo looks professional and progressive and at the same time evokes a sense of caress and attention.

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