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Novi is the name of an online wallet, created in 2021 by Meta Platforms (former Facebook). The wallet was designed for digital currencies, which can be used across all major products of the company — Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Though the wallet will work not only for the Meta services but as a complete autonomy payment tool as well.

Meaning and history

Novi Logo history

In fact, Facebook had a payment system even before 2021, and it was called Libra. But after the global rebranding of the company and its renaming into Meta, there was a need for further updates. Facebook renamed the payment solution at the heart of the Libra stable coin ecosystem from Calibra to Novi and created a new operator for it.

The name Novi is derived from the Latin words Novus – new and via – way. also received an updated logo, which represents the “smooth movement of digital currencies,” which retains a reference to Libra.

2019 – 2020

Calibra Logo 2019

The Calibra logo, designed in 2019, featured a pretty modest composition — a lowercase sans-serif logotype, standing on the right from a minimalistic emblem. The whole badge was executed in an intense and juicy purple and white color palette, which evokes a sense of creativity and professionalism. The Calibra emblem featured a schematic horizontally placed wave enclosed into a circular frame. As for the wordmark, it was well-balanced, with all letters bold and stable.

2020 – Today

Novi Logo

After the major rebranding of the application, the new logo was introduced, keeping the original idea and color palette. The new badge is based on a custom lowercase logotype, with the letter “O” replaced by the emblem (not always though, sometimes it goes without any replacements). The new emblem is based on the previous one, but this time it is three waves, placed one above another, and drawn in thinner lines. The new badge can be seen in two color palettes — white on purple and purple on white.

Font and color

The Novi logotype is executed in the lowercase of a custom sans-serif typeface which features bold and smooth lines, slightly narrowed shapes, and wavy contours of the letters. It was designed exclusively for the wallet but based on one of the traditional fonts, such as HWT Republic Gothic Solid or Aceh Soft Extra Bold.

As for the color palette of the Novi visual identity, it was always been based on a juicy and intense shade of purple, complemented by plain white. Purple is a color of wisdom and mystery, artistic nature and creativity, but it also adds professionalism and stability to the image of the brand, and along with white, a representation of loyalty and transparency, this color scheme creates a great image and reflects character and values of the digital wallet.