BHP Billiton Logo

BHP Billiton Logo

BHP Billiton is an Australian petroleum company, which was established through the merger of two companies in 2001. It is focused on mining and oil and is one of the largest companies in its segment in the region.

Meaning and history

BHP Billiton Logo history

The BHP Billington visual identity is a reflection of the company’s heritage, showing both of its forming businesses. The wordmark of the logo is accompanied by the brand’s emblem, representing growth and progress.

The nameplate in all the lowercase lettering is written as one word but separated in two parts due to the different letter thickness. The “BHP” part features bolder lines, while “Billiton” is written in finer and thinner lettering.

The BHP Billiton emblem is a graphical reflection of the company’s evolution, which features three abstract rounded forms, showing the development of the brand — from two separate dots (BHP and Billiton companies) to connected (merger) and, finally to one strong structure.

Logo BHP Billiton

The bright orange color of the BHP Billiton logo is a celebration of energy and power, which is also friendly and welcoming. It is a very strong visual identity design, a tribute to the brand’s background and heritage, full of meaning and modern design.