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Bflix Movies is the name of the tv channel, established in India in 2016. The channel is specialized in Bollywood movies and broadcasts its content in Hindi only. BFlix Movies is the proprietary of Pen Studio, which owned several large channels and is involved in movies production as well.

Meaning and history

Bflix Movies Logo

One of the most famous channels of Indian television, Bflix Movies is known for its bright and lively content — Bollywood and Southern Indian cinematography. The tv-channel has hundreds of movies in its portfolio, and all of them are colorful, vivid, and full of energy. This is what all the Bollywood movies are known for. In accordance with the content, the visual identity of the channel was designed in bright colors and a lively mood.

The was created in 2016 and has never been changed since then. It features a two-leveled composition, with the stylized top line, containing glittery “Bflix” in a bold sans-serif typeface; with red “B” standing straight on the left from the italicized folder “Flix”. The tagline of the logo features a simple black “Movies” in the uppercase of a classic sans-serif typeface, with the letters placed at a significant distance from each other.

The overall concept of the logo is pretty simple and traditional, although it perfectly reflects the mood and purpose of the channel, evoking a sense of energy and happiness.

Font and color

The Bflix logotype uses two different typefaces, but both are pretty simple and conservative. The upper line uses a bold clean font, which is pretty close to Zurich WGL Bold, but it’s narrowed version. As for the bottom line of the badge, it is written in a typeface of the same family, very similar to Zurich Std Black.

The red and golden color palette and the sparkling surface of the upper line of the logo stand for passion, love, and motion, the characteristics of each and every Bollywood movie. And the strict black “Movies” elevated the look of the badge, making it look professional and stable.

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