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BAX Global is a prominent airline company today, specializing in global cargo transportation. As for its ownership, the company is owned by Deutsche Bahn AG, a leading German transportation and logistics company. BAX Global operates in numerous locations worldwide, providing its services at major airports, seaports, and logistical hubs. The company’s extensive network allows it to efficiently connect businesses and individuals across the globe, ensuring reliable and timely delivery of cargo.

Meaning and history

BAX Global Logo

BAX Global is an international airline founded by William S. Armour in 1971. Since its inception, the company has achieved significant milestones in the aviation industry. It became one of the world’s leading cargo carriers, specializing in time-sensitive transportation solutions.

Throughout its history, BAX Global has expanded its global network, offering comprehensive logistics services to a wide range of industries. The company has established strategic partnerships with key players in the transportation and logistics sector, enabling efficient and reliable delivery of goods worldwide.

Over the years, BAX Global has consistently embraced technological advancements to enhance its operational capabilities. It has implemented state-of-the-art tracking systems, advanced cargo handling processes, and innovative supply chain solutions, ensuring efficient management of complex logistics operations.

Currently, BAX Global continues to thrive as a prominent player in the aviation industry. The company has a strong presence in major international markets and maintains a robust network of partners and customers. With its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, BAX Global remains dedicated to delivering high-quality air freight services while adapting to the evolving needs of the global marketplace.

What is BAX Global?
BAX Global was a global logistics and transportation company that specialized in air freight services. It operated as a subsidiary of the German logistics company, DB Schenker, and provided comprehensive transportation solutions for businesses worldwide. However, it should be noted that BAX Global ceased operations in 2011, and its services were integrated into DB Schenker’s existing network.