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New York City is the name of an American football club that was established in 2013. Being a very young club, the NY City FC is considered to be one of the most successful and valuable in the Major League Soccer and is owned by City Football Group with Ronny Deila as the head coach.

Meaning and history

New York City Logo history

Being a relatively young team, the New York City FC has only had one logo in their history, but there was also a very short period of time when the team used a lyrical design, during its pre-launch in 2014.


New York City 2014

The first, trial, the logo was composed of a solid light-blue dot with a blue and white inscription on it. The “New York City FC” lettering was placed inside the dot in three levels, where all the letters were written in blue sans-serif with bold clean lines, and only the “City” was colored white.

It was a very simple and laconic logo, which wasn’t meant to be used by the club but was just filling the time gap and letting them choose the official logo.

2014 — Today

New York City logo

The official badge for the club was introduced later in 2014. There was a choice of two emblems — the crest and the circular badge and by public vote, the rounded badge won.

The New York City FC logo is composed of a deep blue circle placed inside a bigger one in light blue, framed in blue and red. In the middle of the logo, the strict and minimalist white monogram is located. Three intertwined letters “NYC” are executed in an extended serif typeface with straight simple lines.

Another wordmark, “New York City Football Club” is written in all capitals around the light blue perimeter of the badge. This inscription features a modern and clean sans-serif font, with the upper part of the lettering bold, and the bottom one — in thin lines.

The white and blue color palette of the club’s logo is a reflection of reliability and professionalism, it also symbolizes loyalty and expertise, while a delicate red detail in the badge’s frame, adds a sense of passion and energy.

New York City Colors

RGB: (108, 172, 228)
CMYK: (59, 17, 0, 0)

HEX COLOR: #041E42;
RGB: (4, 30, 66)
CMYK: (100, 90, 13, 68)

HEX COLOR: #F15524;
RGB: (254, 80, 0)
CMYK: (0, 65, 100, 0)