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The current PNC Bank logo was adopted in 2007. The centerpiece of the logo is a roundel emblem in orange and white.

Meaning and history

PNC Bank

The emblem features an abstract shape looking like a triangle formed by a white ribbon. The three parts of the triangle are identical and leave a dynamic impression.

To the right of the symbol, there is the lettering “PNC” in a rather light all-caps type.

Old emblem

PNC Bank emblem

We should point out that around 15 years ago, PNC was often criticized for inconsistencies in its brand identity. For instance, Virginia Montanez, a Pittsburg citizen, even wrote an article for Medium, where she showed the way the logo looked on various media. The emblem on the PNC Bank ATM machine was blue and gray. The version on the signs on the ATM featured another shade of blue in combination with orange. To make matters worse, the actual building where the ATM was placed featured a completely different emblem. There was no roundel logo, the type and the shade of blue had nothing in common with the other two logos.


PNC Bank Logo

While the overall structure of the glyphs is pretty generic, the type definitely has a unique touch. It is provided by the thin serifs that can be seen on the “P” and “N.” Interestingly, each of the letters bears only a single serif, which looks unusual. The “C” catches your eye, too, due to the fact tact that its lower end is positioned a little different than you could have expected.


PNC Bank simbol

The two colors comprising the palette are orange and a rather saturated shade of blue. We should also point out the company often uses gray in its visual identity. For instance, on the official website, the PNC logo combines orange (for the circle), white (for the emblem and the lettering), and gray (for the background). You can also come across a version featuring the emblem in light gray over gray background.