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The current PNC Bank logo was adopted in 2007. The centerpiece of the logo is a roundel emblem in orange and white.

Meaning and history

PNC Bank Logo history

The emblem features an abstract shape looking like a triangle formed by a white ribbon. The three parts of the triangle are identical and leave a dynamic impression.

To the right of the symbol, there is the lettering “PNC” in a rather light all-caps type.

1959 – 1982

PNC Bank Logo 1959
The very first logo for the Pittsburg National Bank was created in 1959 and stayed untouched for more than twenty years. It was a bright yellow horizontally located rectangular badge with an intense blue emblem and a three-leveled inscription under it. The emblem featured a triangle pointing down, formed by three-element and a smaller triangle in the center. As for the lettering, it was written in all capitals of a modern sans-serif typeface.

1982 – now

PNC Bank Logo
The redesign of 1982 completely changed the design of the PNC Bank logo. Though the triangular symbol was kept, it was fully redesigned. Now the white triangle featured rounded angles and smooth lines and is drawn in white on a solid orange circle, located slightly diagonally. The circle is set on the left from the bright blue “PNC” logotype executed in all capitals of a fancy and sharp serif tour gave with elongated and pointed serifs, evoking a sense of progress and motion.


PNC Bank Logo

While the overall structure of the glyphs is pretty generic, the type definitely has a unique touch. It is provided by the thin serifs that can be seen on the “P” and “N.” Interestingly, each of the letters bears only a single serif, which looks unusual. The “C” catches your eye, too, due to the fact tact that its lower end is positioned a little different than you could have expected.


PNC Bank simbol

The two colors comprising the palette are orange and a rather saturated shade of blue. We should also point out the company often uses gray in its visual identity. For instance, on the official website, the PNC logo combines orange (for the circle), white (for the emblem and the lettering), and gray (for the background). You can also come across a version featuring the emblem in light gray over gray background.