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BaByliss is the name of a French company, which specialized in the production of electrical appliances for hair and body care. The company was established in 1960 and acquired by the CONAIR Group in 1995. Today the products of the brand can be found all over the globe.

Meaning and history

BaByliss is a French brand of electrical appliances for hair and body care, such as hairdryers, curlers, irons, electric epilators, and trimmers. The brand is considered to be one of the world’s leaders in its segment and produces two lines: the Babyliss Pro, used by the professionals in beauty salons, and the Babyliss Paris, created for home use, and available to buy in regular stores.

BaByliss was founded in 1960 in Paris as a collaboration between two professionals, Mr. Lelievre, who invented the curling iron, and Mr. Fleblam, who had the idea to distribute them through a professional chain of stores. In 1995, BaByliss was bought by the CONAIR group, the world leader in skin and hair care products.

What is BaByliss?

BaByliss is a brand that specializes in the production of hairdryers, straighteners, clippers, trimmers, and other styling tools. Established in the early 1960s, today the brand is a part of The Conair Group Ltd, with a wide net of distribution.

In terms of visual identity, BaByliss looks feminine and playful. Its logo concept is quite simple: logotype, executed in a black-and-white color palette, and sometimes accompanied by a tagline. Although the bold smooth lines and interesting font solution make it unique and memorable.

1995 – Today

BaByliss Logo

The BaByliss logo exists in several versions. All of them share the word “BaByliss,” which is given in a rather plump italicized typeface. It is a serif type with a somewhat unusual “a.”

In addition to the name of the brand, you can also see a light bluebird in flight. It has bright purplish and yellow details.

The BaByliss Pro logo features the word “PRO” in a bold sans serif type. Among its distinctive features are the elongated gaps in the “P” and “R.”

The most important and recognizable part of the BaByliss logo is, definitely, the typeface of the wordmark. The letter “A” is custom, but all other letters are executed in a font, which is pretty close to Vendome Bold Italic. As for the uppercase “Paris” tagline, it is set in clean and stable letters with thin sharp serifs, which look like the iconic Copperplate type.

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