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BA Connect is a prominent airline operating today. It specializes in providing domestic and international flights, catering to a diverse range of passengers. The airline is owned by British Airways, a renowned global carrier. BA Connect operates from major airports worldwide, ensuring seamless connectivity and exceptional service to its customers.

Meaning and history

BA Connect Logo history

BA Connect was founded by British Airways in 2002 as a regional airline in the United Kingdom. Over the years, it achieved significant milestones in the aviation industry. It operated an extensive network of domestic and European routes, providing convenient connections for travelers. The airline focused on offering high-quality service, efficient operations, and a seamless passenger experience. BA Connect played a vital role in connecting smaller cities and regions, contributing to regional development and tourism. However, due to changing market conditions and strategic considerations, British Airways made the decision to discontinue BA Connect in 2007. The airline’s routes and operations were integrated into other carriers, ensuring continued connectivity for passengers. Today, British Airways remains a leading international airline, providing global connectivity and exceptional service to travelers worldwide.

What is BA Connect?
BA Connect was a regional airline and a subsidiary of British Airways (BA). It operated short-haul flights within the United Kingdom and Europe. However, BA Connect ceased operations in 2007 when it was merged with another BA subsidiary, British Airways CitiExpress, to form a new regional airline called BA CityFlyer.

2002 – 2006

BA Connect Logo 2002

The budget brand of British Airways was established at the beginning of the 2000s under the name British Airways CitiExpress. Its logo was composed of blue two-leveled lettering in a modern sans-serif font, followed by a delicate emblem in red and blue. The emblem depicted a glossy wavy ribbon and was set in the upper right corner of the badge.

2006 – 2007

BA Connect Logo

In 2006 the company was renamed BA Connect, and the logo was changed in the same year. The concept hasn’t changed much, it was only about the lettering, which was now written in one line, with all the characters featuring one size. As for the emblem, it remained completely the same, as in the previous version.