Avast Logo

Avast Logo

Avast is one of the most pupate antivirus programs, available for Microsoft and Apple. The software also has an application for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Meaning and history

Avast Logo history

The Avast visual identity’s history had three main stages: the first try, the iconic symbol design, and its refinement.

The Avast first logo was created in 2002 and depicted a lowercase “A” in a serif typeface, drawn in white and placed inside a gradient blue glass sphere. The logo, which stayed with the brand for eight years, was a symbol of loyalty and reliability, it showed the company as a professional and trustworthy one.

Avast Logo

The new era of the Avast visual identity design started in 2010, when Martin Novak, one of the company’s employees, created a bright orange amoeba icon.

The orange blob, or amoeba, had a white sphere in the middle with a gray letter “A” on it. The wordmark is a custom typeface that looked futuristic and had an exclamation sign in the end.

In 2014 the logo was simplified and made flat and two-dimensional. The orange, white and gray color palette remains, while the typeface becomes more strict and balanced.

Avast Emblem

The redesign of the Avast logo from 2016 removes the exclamation, which was often mistaken for the letter “I”, simplified the typeface to a traditional rounded sans-serif. And makes the emblem smoother and warmer.

The white circle also disappears from the brand’s logo, now there is the only white letter “A” in the same typeface as the wordmark.

The Avast logo looks friendly and welcoming. It evokes a warm and kind sense, showing the company as a reliable and confident one.