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The Auburn University (Alabama, United States) has several identity elements: the wordmark, icons, and seal, as well as several athletic logos for its Auburn Tigers teams.

Meaning and history

Auburn University Logo history

The Auburn University emblem has gone a long way, very much like the school itself. It was founded in 1856 as East Alabama Male College and changed the name two more times until it received its current name in 1960.

1939 – 1960

Auburn University Logo 1939

The oldest of the school’s identity elements is definitely the seal. It can be used without official permission only on official or ceremonial documents or on prestigious gift items.

1960 – 2017

emblem Auburn University

The icon features two interlocking letters, “A” and “U.” The “A” is placed slightly above the “U.” In the regular logo, the letters are blue with the orange outline, but other combinations are also possible. For instance, the orange letters with the white outline against a blue background or blue letters with the white outline on the orange background. This version of the logo is typically used in promotional, informal, or athletic materials.

2017 – Today

Auburn University Logo

Samford Hall Tower symbol

Auburn University Emblem

Another well-known Auburn University symbol is the stylized Samford Hall Tower. Unlike the interlocking “A” and “U,” this emblem is recommended for use on academic materials and other non-athletic or formal promotional materials.

The tower given in orange can be placed above or to the left of the wordmark logo. Also, it can be used without the wordmark in internal university materials.

Athletic logo

Auburn University Athletic logo

The name of the university’s athletic teams is Auburn Tigers. Since 1971, the status of the primary athletic Auburn University logo belonged to the interlocking “A” and “U” logotype. Before that, the emblem featuring a cartoonish tiger’s head was used.

In addition to the regular athletic logo, several alternative ones are used, too. Typically, they are based on the oval shape, inside of which a part of a tiger’s face or a tiger pattern is placed. These emblems can be used as the Auburn football logo.


The wordmark Auburn logo features the Galliard Roman typeface, while department names are given in Galliard Italic when they appear as a part of official identity elements.


Auburn University color logo

The school’s official colors are orange and dark blue, while white is used as a complementary color. When the Auburn symbol pictures are printed on paper, the shade of orange PMS 158 is recommended, while PMS 172 is recommended for materials used in merchandise.

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