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The original New England Patriots logo was just a dark blue tricorner hat with white elements. It was used only for the team’s first season (1960). By the next season, a new logo was created, with more detail, and it was only in 1993 that the team dared change it.

Brand Overview

There’s a reason the New England Patriots are considered one of the Best Clubs of the 21st Century, with one of the best quarterbacks in history, Tom Brady, playing for them and coached by today’s best coach, Bill Belichick. The Patriots have won six Super Bowls — in 2001,2003,2004,2014,2016 and 2018.

The team was founded in 1959 and was originally called the Boston Patriots, but in 1971 the owners of the club changed the name to the current one. Until 1970, the Patriots played in the American Football League, but after the merger of the AFL and the National Football League, the team plays in the NFL in the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference. The owner of the club is Robert Kraft. The club plays its home games at Gillette Stadium.

The history of the New England Patriots dates back to when Boston businessman William “Billy” Sullivan and Sullivan Brother Printers approached the new AFL soccer league in 1959, after a series of failed attempts to secure an NFL franchise for Boston. On November 16, 1959, Billy Sullivan was given the opportunity to create a team that became the 8th in the AFL. And already in July 1960, the Boston Patriots picked up their first win in their history by beating the Buffalo Bills in a series of preseason games.

The first season in the NFL, held in 1970, could not be called a success for the Patriots, the club ending the season with the worst record in franchise history at the time. For decades Patriots have been trying to win a champion title, but the lucky period for the club started in the 2000s when Bill Belichick was hired as the head coach. Since the legendary coach started working with the team, the Patriots have won six Super Bowls.

Meaning and history

New England Patriots Logo history

Being a graphical representation of the club’s name, the visual identity of New England Patriots is build around the color palette of the national flag of the United States, a res-blue-white tricolor, and a very patriotic image, which was redesigned several times throughout the history, though only became stronger and more stylish.


New England Patriots Logo 1960

The very first logo version of Boston Patriots, the first name of the today-known New England Patriots, was introduced in 1960 and only stayed for one year. The emblem boasted a minimalist image of a blue and white tricorne hat, which was used by soldiers. It was a plain and clean badge with no additional lettering and details, but with a visible and strong character.

1961 — 1964

New England Patriots Logo 1961

One year after the club’s establishment the new logo was created and with some modifications, it stayed with the Patriots until the 1990s. The emblem, introduced by the club in 1961 depicted Pat Patriot, a man in a military uniform with a football. Pat’s outfit was drawn in red, blue, and white with his red tricorne balanced by a red football. The minuteman looked very determined and ready to catch the ball and run.

1965 — 1970

New England Patriots Logo 1965

The contours of Pat Patriot were refined and the color palette gained a new pink shade for the man’s skin in 1965. Another change of this year was about football, which was now executed in brown and blue, looking more realistic.

1971 — 1992

New England Patriots Logo 1971

The name of the football club was changed to New England Patriots in 1971 and the team continued using the logo, created in 1965 with no changes. Pat Patriot remained the main symbol of the football club until 1993 when the modern era of the visual identity design started for the Patriots.

1993 — 1999

New England Patriots Logo 1993

At the beginning of the 1990s, Patriots realized they need to make some changes to its iconic logo to show the progress and growth of the club, and the ability to change. The team hired a famous graphic designer Ken Loh, who came up with the new emblem in 1993.

The modern emblem of the Patriots was based in two unused versions, created in 1978, where the image of the Patriot in blue and white was placed on a white background with blue stars (version number one), or on the red and white American flag (version number two, where the white five-pointed star was drawn on the blue tricorne).

The Ken Loh version of the emblem featured a blue and gray profile of a man in a tricorne hat with a white star on it, and two red stripes coming out of the hat to the left and weaving as a flag.

2000 — Today

New England Patriots Logo 1993

The redesign of 2000 refined the man’s face contours and made the color palette of the emblem a bit darker, which gave a more serious and stable look to the iconic elegant logo and elevated it.


New England Patriots Font


The current wordmark made its debut on July 3, 2013. It features a unique typeface with unusual sharp elements. The team did have several wordmarks earlier (unveiled in 1960, 1960, and 1993). Also, they have an alternative wordmark, which features overlapping “N” and “E” characters.


Color New England Patriots Logo

Starting from 1961, the logo was based on the combination of red and dark blue. The shades have slightly changed in the course of time, the current version featuring the darkest shade of blue.


Helmets New England Patriots

The sleek silver helmets of the Patriots were first introduced in 1993, and have only been slightly redesigned in 2000. The solid silver helmets with red masks are decorated by the iconic logo of the club, set in blue, white, and red, although it is also possible to see the New England Patriots helms in glossy red, with the logo staying untouched.


Uniform New England Patriots

Just like with the helmets, the uniform of New England Patriots was first introduced at the beginning of the 1990s and slightly changed in the 2000s. Today the uniform palette of the club is composed of four shades: nautical blue, red, white, and new century silver. The main uniform of the club features both the jersey and the pants in nautical blue, withs mall yet bright details in white and red. There is also a version of the uniform with the white jersey, the same decorative elements, and an alternate uniform, with white pants and a bright red jersey with all details executed in nautical blue and white.

Home field

Home Field New England Patriots

Since 2002 New England Patriots have been playing on the Gillette Stadium, with a capacity of 65,878 seats, and a field size of 120 yds × 53 1/3 yd. The stadium is located in Fox borough, Massachusetts.

Before moving to the Gillette Stadium, the club had to jump between five different arenas: starting on Nickerson Field at the beginning of the 1960s, and moving to Fenway Park for five following seasons, the team played for just one year, in 1969, on Alumni Stadium, and in 1970 on Harvard Stadium. Finally, in 1971, the Patriots started playing at the Foxboro Stadium, which lasted until 2001.

New England Patriots Colors

HEX COLOR: #002244
RGB: (0, 34, 68)
CMYK: (100, 65, 0, 60)

RGB: (198, 12, 48)
CMYK: (10, 100, 100, 0)

RGB: (176, 183, 188)
CMYK: (3, 0, 0, 32)


What is the Patriots logo supposed to be?
The New England Patriots badge, nicknamed The Flying Elvis, is a custom-stylized image in blue, red, and white, the most patriotic color palette in the USA, with the stripes and a star, the main elements of the American national flag. The logo is drawn as a portrait of a Revolutionary soldier in a blue hat, decorated by a large white five-pointed star and two red waving ribbons.

Who is the New England Patriots mascot?
The mascot of the professional American football club is Pat Patriot, a Revolutionary soldier, wearing the club’s uniform in its iconic blue, red, and white color palette, and a cocked red hat. Until 1992 Pat Patriot was the main element of the club’s primary badge, and has undergone several redesigns, but kept his recognizable look.

When did New England Patriots change the logo?
The badge of the New England Patriots football club has been changed several times throughout history, with the first change taking place in 1961, and the last redesign — in 2000. The current badge is a modified version of the logo, designed for the club in 1993.

Who created New England Patriots logo?
The stylish and modern badge of the New England Patriots club, known as the Flying Elvis, was designed in collaboration with Steven Evenson and Ken Loh, and slightly refined in 2000.


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