New England Patriots Logo

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New England Patriots Logo
The original New England Patriots logo was just a dark blue tricorner hat with white elements. It was used only for the team’s first season (1960). By the next season, a new logo was created, with more detail, and it was only in 1993 that the team dared change it.

Meaning and history

New England Patriots Logo history

The New England Patriots symbol used from 1961 to 1992 featured a Revolutionary War minuteman hiking a ball to an invisible QB. He was wearing the tricorner that was the team’s earliest emblem. In the course of time, the minuteman, who was nicknamed Pat Patriot, became the club’s mascot.


Pat Patriot symbol
The first version of Pat Patriot was created by Phil Bissell, a cartoonist for the Boston Globe. Bissell is said to have been paid only $100 for this work. Initially Billy Sullivan, whom the club belonged to, was going to use it only on the team’s stationary but by 1965 the symbol could already be seen on their helmets, jerseys, and pendants.
new england patriots old logo
Bissell’s drawing looked a bit too much in the style of a newspaper cartoon, so in 1965 New England Patriots had their logo revised in-house. The result looked more realistic and featured more detail.

Flying Elvis emblem

New England Patriots emblem
The Pat Patriot emblem was not that easy to reproduce in different mediums, and it needed to be tweaked to be used in a television ad, for instance. In 1993 a more designer-friendly emblem was created. It featured a grey face with a fancy hat transitioning into a flag-like shape. This version of the New England Patriots logo was nicknamed the Flying Elvis. The emblem has stayed the same for about 25 years, except for a minor change in the hue of blue in 2000.


Font New England Patriots Logo
The current wordmark made its debut on July 3, 2013. It features a unique typeface with unusual sharp elements. The team did have several wordmarks earlier (unveiled in 1960, 1960, and 1993). Also, they have an alternative wordmark, which features overlapping “N” and “E” characters.


Color New England Patriots Logo
Starting from 1961, the logo was based on the combination of red and dark blue. The shades have slightly changed in the course of time, the current version featuring the darkest shade of blue.