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ASU Logo

The ArizonaStateUniversity was selectedAmerica’s most innovative school, according to US News & World Report (2016-2017).

Meaning and history ASU Logo

ASU Logo

Taking into consideration the school’s long history (it was founded in 1885), it is only natural that its logo has been altered more than once. Today, the University uses the sunburst logo adopted in 1995.

Emblem ASU

ASU emblem

The current logo features the sunincorporated into the three letter forms (“A”, “S”, and “U”). The image vividly conveys the University’s mission and purpose: innovation and research.

The sunburst emblem may be used together with the wordmark to form the so-called ASU signature. It can be given in two versions (landscape-oriented or centered).

ArizonaState Sun Devils symbol

ASU symbol

The school’s sports program is called Arizona State Sun Devils. In 1980–2010, their logo featured the mascot called Sparky the Sun Devil, while the currentversion sports a gold trident with a maroon outline.

Font of the ASU Logo

Font Logo ASU

The ASU wordmark features a customized type based on Perpetua Titling Regular.Simple as it is, it does its job perfectly.

Color of the ASU Logo

Color ASU Logo

The two ASU’s official colors are maroon(Pantone 208) and gold (Pantone 123). Both are featured in the logotype.

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