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East Essence is an online fashion retailer of Islamic apparel and accessories, which is based in the United States. The e-store offers a wide selection of clothing for the whole family along with books for kids. With its warehouse in India, the online retailing company offers worldwide delivery of all the orders.

Meaning and history

East Essence logo

The visual identity of the religious clothing retailer is elegant and sophisticated. The company’s logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left and executed in a delicate and luxury color palette.

The gold emblem features a stylized letter “E” with its lines elongated and slightly curved. The letter is placed on a thin gold swirl, which symbolizes movement and courage.

The gold and black color palette of the logo, placed on a white background, is reflection is a strong and confident company, which values traditions and heritage. It also accents on the professionalism and expertise of the retailer.

East Essence Logo

The logo of the e-commerce platform is fine and timeless. Its thin delicate lines make it look light and fresh, while the color palette adds a sense of luxury and fundamental approach.


The wordmark in all capitals is perfectly balanced and is executed in a simple and straight sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Blooming Elegant Sans. It is clean, neat and minimalist. Just a perfect choice for such a reliable and stable online retailing company.


The Islamic clothing and accessories retailer provides men and women across the United States with beautifully tailored garments and accessories for any occasion.

The catalog of the e-commerce platform includes apparel for the whole family, along with essential and accessories for prayer, religious books, and books for kids. The website boasts a huge selection of hijabs in different fabrics and colors and also offers a section with cosmetics and homeware goods.

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There is also a sale department, where you can shop for hundreds of items with up to 70% discount, along with free delivery on all orders above $50.

The platform works also as a marketplace, offering small businesses of the same profile sell their items through the East Essence website. Which gives a great opportunity for customers to find new designers, and for companies — to show their items to more people.

The online retailer also offers franchising and wholesale opportunities for people across the globe, and you can read about the conditions on its website.