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Asahi is a Japanese brand of beer, which was founded in 1889 as Osaka Beer Brewing Company. Its singular purpose was to produce a world-quality beer in Japan. Employing time-honored German brewing techniques, the company introduced Asahi Beer. It was quickly embraced as a top-quality domestic beer and by 1903 had become the best-selling beer in Japan.

Meaning and history

Asahi logo

The name Asahi means “morning sun” in Japanese, but literally asa (morning) and hi (heat or day). And it characterized its product as something clean, crisp and refreshing.

The Asahi logo is highly recognizable due to its exclusive Japan-influenced wordmark. Asahi Custom Typeface is bright, outstanding and very intense.

The color palette of the brand’s logo is strict and simple – black on a silver background with a few red details. The simplicity of colors is perfectly balanced by the typeface.

In addition to the brand’s name the label contains hieroglyphs 辛口. It means “dry” (“karakuchi” in Japanese), which is also written on top of the label in English.  The text in the red block and also on the cap says スーパー・ドライ which is the syllables “Su-Pa Do-Ra-E” or Katakana for “Super Dry”.

Font and Color

The logotype of the famous Japanese beer, Asahi, is written in a custom typeface, which was specially designed for the brand in order to show its roots and heritage, along with a strong character and progressive approach. The ExtraBold sans-serif font is built around a perfect balance between the thickness of the lines and their diagonal edges, which evoke a sense of growth and moving up. The commercial font, which is pretty close to the one from the Asahi logo is Rozza, but it is sharper and more geometric.

The solid black Asahi logotype is usually complemented by red lettering, placed above it. Red is the main color of the Japanese national flag, and it is synonymous with the Land of the Rising Sun, so its use in the brand’s logo is a tribute to a great country and the motherland of the company. As for the black and silver, these colors stand for strength, authority, and confidence, pointing to the brand’s strongest qualities and their fundamental approach.

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