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Emory University is an American researching institution, established in 1836. Its main campus is located in Georgia. The university’s focus is to prepare professional and competent specialists in numerous spheres of liberal and physical sciences. There are many divisions of the university, spread worldwide. They include self-contained schools, colleges, laboratories and other facilities. Each branch of the university studies its own educational programs, which include jurisprudence, medical science, techniques, and others.

Meaning and history

The university appeared in the middle of the 1830s as Emory College, in Oxford, Georgia. The main initiator and sponsor of the institution’s construction was Methodist Episcopal Church, which calledthe university in honor of its recently dead bishop, John Emory. That time, the university’s authority was medicine, law and theology. The amount of programs rose throughout the whole 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In 1915, with a help from the CEO of Coca-Cola, who gave the land and sponsored the whole affair, Emory College was replaced to Atlanta and was financed to become a University. Since then, the institute has been using a special seal and logotype, slightly changing them time to time.

What is Emory University?
Emory University is a private research organization, which provides people with knowledge and ways to use it in real occasions. From the start, it operated as a church-contained organization. Their programs specialize in human and technical sciences, including technology, law, medicine, business and others. The university’s main headquarters and facilities are located in Atlanta, Georgia, although there are many branches and divisions across the United States, Great Britain and other countries.

1915 – today

Emory University Logo 1915

The seal depicts a ring with the university name on it. Deeper in the logotype, we can see the circle styled as a line, featuring the ‘Corprudentispossidebitscientiam’ slogan. It means ‘The wise heart seeks for knowledge’. At the center of the logo, there is an image of a pipe crossing a torchlight. They’re both placed over a line, with the year of foundation of Emory College and the year of its turning into a University. The seal was slightly renovated in 50s. It received some cosmetic changes, although the whole structure remained the similar.

1915 – today

Emory University Logo

The logotype of the institution features its name in large letters. It’s located to the right side from the emblem, depicting a shield with the familiar pipe and torch inside it.


Retrospectively, in both the seal and the primary logotype, the university name is written in a bold yet slim and elegant font with small serifs and sharp lines. There are small gaps between uppercase letters. The motto that we can find in the seal has a lowercase type with bold sans-serif letters without any special elements.


The seal and the logotype have a different identity. If in the seal the brand design team has decided to use a black and white scheme, in the logotype there are bright blue elements without any background.

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