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Unite is an American hair product brand, which was established at the beginning of the 2000s. Today the company offers various hair care and styling product lines, suitable for different hair types. The brand’s products are used by professional hairdressers and regular customers all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The text-based visual identity of the haircare brand is minimalist yet unique and stylish. Its logotype in all capitals is the only element of the emblem, and the simple and calm color palette only adds to the professionalism and reliability of the company’s products.

The silver-on-white inscription is executed in a custom typeface with futuristic letter contours and a very memorable “E”, resembling a Greek alphabet.

Unite logo


On the brand’s website, the logo is written in white and placed on a contrasting background, but when it comes to the packaging, it turns silver, while the surface of the cosmetic bottles is white. The only colorful detail here is a tagline, containing the name of the product, it varies depending on the type and line.

The Unite visual identity is a perfect representation of a brand with a young spirit and progressive approach. It makes clients happy by providing them with the best technologies and formulas for their hair health and style.

The logo of the brand is truly a timeless masterpiece which will always be actual and recognizable no matter what, and the light silver shade elevates the look, making it more luxurious and sophisticated.

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