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AOM French Airlines is a prominent airline operating today. The company specializes in providing air travel services and is owned by a reputable consortium. AOM French Airlines operates flights to numerous destinations worldwide, catering to both domestic and international travelers. With its extensive network, the airline serves major cities across different continents, connecting passengers to their desired locations efficiently and safely.

Meaning and history

AOM French Airlines Logo

AOM French Airlines, founded in 1991 by Marc Rochet and Christian Schoepf, is a prominent French airline. Over the years, it has achieved several milestones, making its mark in the aviation industry. AOM French Airlines became the first French airline to operate the Boeing 777, a state-of-the-art aircraft known for its efficiency and passenger comfort. The airline also expanded its route network, offering flights to key destinations worldwide.

In 2001, AOM French Airlines merged with Air Liberté and Swissair to form the new airline company, Air Lib. However, due to financial difficulties, Air Lib ceased operations in 2003. This marked the end of AOM French Airlines’ active presence in the aviation industry.

Today, AOM French Airlines holds a significant place in aviation history as a pioneering French airline that introduced advanced aircraft and served passengers across the globe. While the company no longer operates, its legacy remains a testament to its contributions to the aviation sector.

What is AOM French Airlines?
AOM French Airlines, a renowned aviation company, specializes in providing exceptional air travel services. As for its ownership, the company is under the ownership of a prominent group of investors. With its operational base located in France, AOM French Airlines efficiently serves various destinations worldwide, ensuring seamless connectivity and comfort for its passengers.