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Angelo State University is the name of one of the largest public universities in Texas, which high was established as a college in 1928, and gained its university status in 1967. Located in San Angelo, ASU is a part of the Texas Tech University System.

Meaning and history

Angelo State University is ranked 92 in the Regional Universities West list, which is a pretty good result. The university with a total undergraduate enrolment of more than 9 thousand, is set in the city and has an impressive campus of over 250 acres. The main faculties of the ASU are Business and Marketing, Health Professions, Agricultural and Veterinary Science, and Psychology.

The Angelo State University was established at the end of the 1920s and for the first forty years existed as San Angelo College, and in 1965 it was renamed Angelo State College. Although the first building of the current university was built already in 1947. It took only two years for ASU after getting its university status and baccalaureate degrees in 1967, to be awarded the graduate degrees. ASU started growing at a very high speed, and already in 1975, the university became a member of the Texas State University System. The transition of the Angelo State University to the Texas Tech University System was held in 2007.

What is Angelo State University?
Angelo State University is a public university in Texas, established in 1928, and by today getting to the top 100 educational institutions in the Regional Universities West ranking. The ASU is based in San Angelo and has about 10 thousand students.

In terms of visual identity, the Angelo State University has not only a primary logo, but also a traditional circular seal, and when the logo is a representation of the University’s progress and growth, the seal is there as a celebration of its historical heritage. Both elements are executed in one color palette.

???? – Today

Angelo State University Logo

The primary logo of the Angelo State University is composed of a bold italicized “ASU” abbreviation in solid calm blue color, with a graphical element in the shape of the university’s mascot, Rambouillet ram, horn, drawn in yellow and blue and placed above the right bar of the letter “U”. The yellow elongated curved line of the horn goes behind the letter “S” and overlaps the left bar of the “U”. There is also a very small blue triangle pointing upright, placed at the base of the horn, touching its blue corner.

The Seal

Angelo State University Seal

The Seal of the Angelo State University is composed of a white circle with a yellow traditional heraldic crest in the center. The crest is surrounded by a blue and white wreath and has a voluminous five-pointed star set above it and drawn in the same blue and white palette. The white circle is enclosed into a thick blue frame with a double yellow outline and an uppercase name of the university, written around its perimeter in yellow color, with the use of a bold traditional serif typeface.

Font and color

The Angelo State University visual identity concept is based on two main typefaces, bold and modern sans-serif Charter font, with stable and confident characters for the main inscriptions, and the iconic Helvetica Neue Family fonts for the additional lettering. As for the wordmark on the ASU seal, it is set in a classy traditional font with bold bars and elongated serifs.

The color palette of the Angelo State University is only based on two colors, blue and gold, which on the most materials is plain yellow. This is a bright yet very balanced combination, which represents the university’s confidence, professional approach to education, and at the same time, progressiveness and innovations, which the management of the ASU is constantly applying to all the processes.