AMBOSS is the name of a German startup, which was launched in 2012 with the idea of creating an educational application for medical students. Although in just a few years the app has grown into a powerful platform for medics, offering a huge database of high-tech content.

Meaning and history

AMBOSS is a Berlin-based medical-technology startup, established in 2012. Initially, the company offered an educational application for medical students but later evolved into a professional knowledge platform for medics.

Today AMBOSS offers the most comprehensive and high-tech knowledge platform for medical professionals. The platform was developed by a team of 70 doctors and 40 software engineers who work in small cross-functional teams. The result of AMBOSS is that this application reduces the average research time required for physicians to select a treatment for any patient from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

Crucially, the knowledge base contains the latest medical facts and treatment recommendations on a case-by-case basis. In the medical world, AMBOSS was a true breakthrough, which not only saves time for doctors and patients but also reduces the chance of medical mistakes, providing better results in treatment.

What is AMBOSS?
AMBOSS is one of the largest and most comprehensive online platforms for professional medics and medical students, which offers educational and scientific materials, accurately selected by a professional team of 70 doctors. The startup was launched in Germany in 2012, and today has its offices in the United States and Italy.

In terms of visual identity, the young German startup doesn’t have a long history of logo redesigns or any experiments. AMBOSS still sticks t its original badge, created in 2012, with the launch of the application, and it works more than just good, representing the platform as an innovative and professional one.

2012 – Today


The AMBOSS logo, designed in 2012, is composed of a lightweight geometric emblem in a pleasant shade of turquoise, and a clean black logotype in the uppercase, set on its right. The emblem of the platform features a depiction of two contoured triangles, drawn in one merging line, with the contour of one open in its upper-right part. The triangles here stand for growth and innovations, and their traditional placement also evokes a sense of progress, with a solid and stable base. The AMBOSS emblem can be used with the logotype, or as a separate element, on the icon of the application.

As for the lettering part of the AMBOSS badge, it is also executed in thin lines, with clean refined contours of its wide uppercase letters, which have a lot of air in and between the characters. The height of the letters equals the height of the emblem, which created a very professional, balanced, and clean look of the logo.

Font and color

The modern uppercase inscription from the official AMBOSS logo uses a light contemporary sans-serif typeface, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Genera Alt Light and Elliot Pro Light. The shapes and contours of the type represent the stability and progressiveness of the company, looking confident and professional.

The color palette of the German-based medical startup is based on two shades — turquoise and black, which are sometimes complemented by white elements. The bright turquoise hue stands for creativity and balance, also evoking a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, while black is here to add some stability and seriousness, representing the expertise and experience of the AMBOSS team and the platform in general.

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