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A&M is the name of the University, which was established in Texas, United States, in 1871. Founded as an agricultural and mechanical college, today it is one of the leading research universities in the United States with almost 70 thousand students and 5 thousand academic staff.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the reputable University is strict yet elegant and memorable. The logo, composed of three letters, is laconic but looks strong and evokes a sense of expertise and authority.

The two burgundy letters, “A” and “M”, in all capitals, are divided by an enlarged letter “T”, which stands for Texas. “T” is drawn in burgundy and white, creating a three-dimensional effect. It also looks like a scale, showing the importance of balance.

am logo

The burgundy and white color palette of the University’s visual identity is a symbol of quality and professionalism. It shows the institution as a trustworthy and influential one. Burgundy also symbolizes ambitions and leadership, showing the main qualities of the University’s students. Another meaning of the color is prosperity, which also makes sense.

White in the A&M logo represents loyalty and reliability, showing the fundamental and traditional approach to research and learning.

On some of the versions, the logo is placed on a burgundy circle or on the stylized Texas state contour, which reflects the value of the University’s history and heritage.


The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold and solid serif typeface, which is similar to Rookie JNL and Beeching Small Capitals Bold fonts. It looks friendly yet confident and stable. The lettering is well-balanced, and the enlarged “T” doesn’t look heavy, due to the elegance of its lines.