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While the Alitalia logo has gone through around five updates since 1946, you can notice there is some consistency in its style – it has been rather an evolution than a series of revolutions.

Meaning and history

Alitalia Logo history


Alitalia Logo 1946

The original design comprised a winged arrow (so-called “Freccia Alata”) as a symbol of speed.


Alitalia Logo 1969

The wordmark developed by Landor Associates showcased the word “Alitalia” in green with a red triangle inside the “A.”


Alitalia Logo 2010

Designers from Saatchi&Saatchi who were responsible for the update opted for darker shades of red and green. They italicized the wordmark and made subtle modifications to the type.


Alitalia Logo 2016

The type was slightly altered once again.


Alitalia logo
In 2018 the badge was redrawn in a plain two-dimensional way again. All the gradient shades were gone and the iconic deep green color was returned to the Alitalia logo, gaining an even more intense and “expensive” shade. The letters in the logo got enlarged and their contours — cleaned. Overall, the shapes and styles were not changed much, but the mood, spirit, and meaning of the symbols became stronger and more confident.

Font and color

The Alitalia logotype is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with massive shapes and thick lines. The first letter “A” is stylized with the sharp red triangle inside, while all other letters of the wordmark look pretty close to the letters of such fonts as FF Signa Pro Extended Black Italic and Rogue Sans Nova Bold Extended Italic, but with contours cleaned, modified and sharpened.
As for the color palette, the Alitalia visual identity is based on deep calm shades of green and red and usually uses white as the background. The combination of these three colors is a symbol of patriotism and celebration of Italian spirit and style. Green also stands for life and growth, while red is a color of passion, love, and power, and white is a shade of loyalty and transparency.