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EasyJet is the brand name of the EasyJet Airline Company Limited. It is a British low-cost airline with its headquarters at London Luton Airport. The history of Easyjet started in 1995.

Meaning and history

EasyJet Logo history

The EasyJet logo has remained virtually unchanged ever since the company was founded. It has always featured the name of the brand in a playful and friendly type. The glyphs are plump and rounded – you will not find a single acute angle.

Probably the most unusual part of the wordmark is that it has the lowercase initial and the capitalized “J” in the middle of the word. While this approach is hardly grammatical, it does make sense in terms of symbolism and visual illusions. It creates upward motion symbolizing the way an aircraft moves, which is a beneficial association for an airline.

EasyJet logo

EasyJet also uses an icon featuring the lowercase “e” (similar to the one in the logo) inside an orange circle. You can see this version on the official website, for instance.


EasyJet emblema

While the orange color chosen for the wordmark is slightly muted, it still looks vivid enough. The EasyJet logo can be given either in orange over the white background or in white over the orange background depending on the visual context.