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Air Jamaica is a prominent airline today, operating both domestic and international flights. The company provides excellent travel services and is owned by Caribbean Airlines Limited. With its main hub at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica, Air Jamaica serves numerous destinations, including popular tourist spots in the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality operations has made it a trusted choice for travelers worldwide.

Meaning and history

Air Jamaica Logo history

Air Jamaica is an airline founded in 1968 by the Jamaican government. It has achieved several notable milestones over the years, including being the first Caribbean airline to operate a Boeing 747 aircraft and expanding its route network to include destinations in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. The airline played a significant role in promoting tourism in Jamaica and providing convenient travel options for both tourists and locals. However, in 2015, Air Jamaica ceased operations as a standalone carrier and merged with Caribbean Airlines, becoming a subsidiary of the Trinidad and Tobago-based airline. Air Jamaica continues to operate under the brand of Caribbean Airlines, offering flights to various destinations in the Caribbean region and beyond.

What is Air Jamaica?
Air Jamaica was the national airline of Jamaica, providing passenger and cargo services. It operated from 1968 until its acquisition by Caribbean Airlines in 2011. Air Jamaica was known for its vibrant branding, friendly service, and extensive network connecting Jamaica to destinations across the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.

1968 – 1987

Air Jamaica Logo 1968

The original logo did Air Jamaica, introduced at the end of the 1960s, was drawn in a red and yellow color palette, with bold sans-serif lettering set under the circular emblem. The inscription was set in the mixed-case, with just the “J” capitalized. As for the emblem, it was a solid red roundel with an elegant yellow drawing of a bird on it.

1987 – 2010

Air Jamaica Logo

The redesign of 1987 has changed the color palette of the Air Jamaica logo to blue, yellow, and pink. The emblem got smaller and was redrawn in blue and yellow. It was placed on the left from the bold slanted lettering, where the lowercase “Air” was set in pink, and the title case “Jamaica” — in blue.

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