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SAS Braathens is an airline company that specializes in providing domestic and international flights. It is owned by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), one of the leading airline groups in Northern Europe. With its headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden, SAS Braathens operates flights to various destinations across Europe, North America, and Asia. The company focuses on delivering high-quality services and maintaining a strong reputation for safety and customer satisfaction.

Meaning and history

SAS Braathens Logo

SAS Braathens is an airline company founded by Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) in 2004. With its establishment, SAS Braathens became the largest airline in Norway. Throughout its history, the company achieved significant milestones. It successfully merged operations with Braathens SAFE, another major Norwegian airline, in 2007, resulting in a broader network and increased passenger capacity. SAS Braathens also modernized its fleet by introducing newer aircraft models, enhancing safety, and improving the overall travel experience for its customers.

Currently, SAS Braathens continues to play a prominent role in the aviation industry. It operates domestic and international flights, connecting Norway with numerous destinations worldwide. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability, implementing eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient operations, SAS Braathens strives to maintain its position as a leading airline and provide exceptional services to travelers.

What is SAS Braathens?
SAS Braathens was a former Norwegian airline that operated as a subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). It was formed through a merger between SAS Norway and Braathens in 2004. SAS Braathens provided domestic and international flights, primarily serving destinations in Norway and Europe. However, SAS Braathens had rebranded as SAS Scandinavian Airlines and ceased to exist as a separate entity.