Air France Logo

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Air France Logo
In addition to the main logo, the French flag carrier Air France also has a heritage icon nicknamed Hippocampe Ailé.

Meaning and history

Air France Logo history


When the company was founded, it adopted the Hippocampe Ailé icon as its primary logo. It featured a mythical creature called hippocampus or hippocamp. It is a winged animal with the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a fish. On the emblem, the hippocampus is placed inside a circle. The design is dark blue on the white background.


The mythical creature disappeared from the primary Air France logo. It now featured a parallelepiped combining blue, white, and red stripes. The lettering “Air France” in bold blue letters could be seen below.


Both the elements have remained on the logo but their position and proportions changed. The company name grew smaller and moved to the top. The parallelepiped moved to the bottom right corner. There was a long black bar between them.


This version was much cleaner. Gone was the black bar that had cluttered the previous design. The company name became much larger. The parallelepiped, which was still below the wordmark, preserved the stripes but it looked like a part cut out of the parallelepiped from the previous logo.


The type grew lighter, while the parallelepiped was replaced by a red ribbon.


The palette of the Air France logo has been slightly watered down.
Air France emblem