AIESEC is an organization working in over 120 countries with the aim of providing the youth in various parts of the globe with leadership development, global internships, and exchange experiences. The organization is non-governmental and not-for-profit.

Meaning and history


The history of AIESEC started in 1948. The original aim was to create cross-cultural understanding across nations – the issue that was more than obvious after World War II.
The current AIESEC logo has been with the organization for quite a long time. In its present form, it emphasizes one of the AIESEC’s main missions (as stated in its official materials), which is “Activating leadership.”
The blue background behind the wordmark is the symbol of a crowd of people who are led. On the right, there are several people who slightly stand out of the crowd, yet move close to each other. Those can be loosely described as middle managers. And eventually, there is the ultimate leader, the top manager. So, if this logo could speak, it would say “Being a leader is cool.”
Over the solid blue background, the name of the organization in capital letters can be seen.


The type is a classic serif one. It looks elegant and refined due to the delicate serifs and the variation in the thickness of the glyphs. At the same time, these features make the typeface look slightly dated in the era of minimalist sans serif typefaces.
The letters are slightly italicized.


The blue on the AIESEC logo is dark enough to create a decent contrast. At the same time, it is rich and saturated, reminding the color of the night or evening sky.

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