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The European People’s Party (EPP) is a prominent political party at the European level, rather than a conventional company. It is not owned by an individual but is a collective of various conservative and Christian-democratic political parties from across Europe. The EPP operates mainly within the European Union, influencing policies and legislation through its significant representation in the European Parliament.

Meaning and history

European People's Party Logo history

The European People’s Party was founded on 8 April 1976 by Christian-democratic parties from across Europe, aiming to provide a platform for cooperation and promote Christian-democratic ideologies at a European level. Over the years, the EPP has grown to become one of the largest and most influential political groups in European politics. Its main achievements include playing a pivotal role in shaping EU policies, particularly in areas of economic governance, environmental legislation, and the promotion of human rights. The EPP has also been instrumental in deepening European integration and expanding the EU’s global influence. Currently, the party maintains a strong presence in the European Parliament, holding a significant number of seats, and continues to influence EU policy and decision-making processes significantly. It is viewed as a central force in European politics, with many of its members holding key positions in the EU’s institutions.

What is European People’s Party?
The European People’s Party (EPP) is a transnational political party consisting of conservative and Christian-democratic parties from across Europe. It is one of the most influential groups in the European Parliament and plays a crucial role in shaping EU policies and legislation.

1978 – ????

European People's Party Logo 1978

The logo from 1978 for the Parti Populaire Européen (European People’s Party) features a distinctive and geometric design. Dominated by a bold, three-dimensional ‘E’, the logo represents the European character and forward momentum of the party. The ‘E’ is stylized in green, symbolizing growth, renewal, and a strong connection to environmental values. Surrounding the central ‘E’ are twelve green stars, arranged in a circular formation. These stars echo the European Union’s flag, emphasizing unity, solidarity, and the collective strength of the European nations. Below the emblem, the name “Parti Populaire Européen” is inscribed in black, using a modern and straightforward typeface that reflects the party’s progressive vision and approach. The combination of elements in this logo conveys a message of unity, progress, and commitment to the collective European project, setting a solid foundation for the party’s identity and values.

2005 – 2015

European People's Party Logo 2005

The 2005 logo for the Europäische Volkspartei (European People’s Party) introduces a more dynamic and fluid design compared to its predecessor. Central to this logo is a sweeping blue arc that stretches from left to right, symbolizing movement, progress, and the bridge-building role of the party within Europe. Above this arc, twelve golden stars form a semicircle, referencing the European Union and highlighting the party’s integral role within the European framework. The stars’ placement suggests a horizon, symbolizing a bright future and the far-reaching aspirations of the party. To the right of the arc and stars, the acronym “EVP” (Europäische Volkspartei) is prominently displayed in bold blue letters, ensuring immediate recognition. The full name of the party is written underneath in a smaller, golden typeface, aligning with the stars’ color. This logo design effectively communicates the party’s dynamism, its commitment to European unity, and its forward-looking vision.

2015 – Today

European People's Party Logo

The contemporary logo for the EPP Group in the European Parliament is a blend of modern aesthetics and meaningful symbolism. The most striking feature is a golden, heart-shaped arc that transitions into five golden stars, symbolizing care, unity, and the guiding principles of the party. This heart motif conveys the party’s commitment to the well-being of European citizens and their dedication to fostering a sense of community and solidarity. Next to the heart and stars, the acronym “epp” is displayed in lowercase blue letters, reflecting a modern and approachable image. Below “epp,” the full designation “group in the european parliament” is written in a smaller, matching blue typeface, indicating the party’s specific role and presence within the European Parliament. The use of blue and gold throughout the logo maintains a visual connection to the European Union, emphasizing the party’s strong European identity and its foundational values of democracy, human rights, and economic prosperity. This logo encapsulates the EPP Group’s mission of promoting unity and progressive policies across Europe.