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The UniCredit Bank logo features a type that is highly distinctive and unpredictable, which makes it stand out among the logos of other banks.

Meaning and history

UniCredit Bank Logo history

2003 – 2018

UniCredit Bank Logo 2003
The original UniCredit logo is completely identical to its 2018 counterpart, save for a few nuances. The letters were a very dark grey instead of black, and the emblem used illumination and shading effect, making it look much more 3D.

2018 – Today

UniCredit Bank logo
On its website, the company provides the following explanation of the elements of its logo:

  • the red circle represents dynamism, reliability, and a global approach. This shape is an essential element of brand identities of all the banks in the group
  • the number “1” symbolizes “the unique strength and leadership our group offers”
  • the type is supposed to convey “the warmth and openness of our bank”

We can add that the number “1” is positioned in such a manner that it adds some motion to the design. Also, while its shape reminds “1,” you cannot still be sure whether it has been done intentionally (unless you read the company’s explanation, of course). So, it does not look like an explicit self-glorification attempt.


The type was created specifically for the UniCredit Bank logo. It looks energetic and modern due to the unusual elements. For instance, the asymmetrical curves on the ends of the letters create a fresh and unpredictable feel. Almost none of the letters is predictable – most of them have at least one unique, distinctive detail.

UniCredit Bank Emblem

Company overview

UniCredit S.p.A. was founded in 1998. It is headquartered in Milan, Italy. The global banking and financial services company has a network operating in 50 markets in 17 countries. The number of branches reaches 8,500, while the number of employees exceeds 95,500.