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The logo of the cargo airline ABX Air is almost explicit about the type of company to which it belongs.

Meaning and history

ABX Air Logo history


1980 – ….

ABX Air Logo 1980

…. – 2003

ABX Air Logo before 2003

2003 – 2021

ABX Air Logo 2003

2021 – Today

ABX Air logo


In the ABX Air logo, the wordmark seamlessly merges with the pictorial part featuring an aircraft. Moreover, the initial “A” is not only a letter but it is also part of the emblem as it shows the runway trip below the aircraft.


While the other glyphs are not as unique as the initial, they also look distinctive. The most important part is that they look as if they are affected by the air streams produced by the aircraft. The glyphs are tilted to the right, and the difference in the width of the strokes also contributes to the impression of being affected by some force coming from the aircraft.

However, this effect is not exaggerated, so the ABX Air logo remains perfectly legible.

Logo ABX Air

Company overview

ABX Air, Inc., formerly Airborne Express, is a cargo airline flying cargo routes in the US and around the world. The main customer is DHL. Also, the company offers ACMI freight services as well as flight support services and training.

ABX Air is based near the City of Wilmington, Ohio, US. It was founded in 1980 and has around 40 airplanes.