Los Angeles Rams Logo

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Los Angeles Rams Logo
For more than 80 years of their existence the Los Angeles Rams have changed their location several times. First it was Cleveland (from 1936 to 1946), then Los Angeles where they played for nearly half a century. In 1995 St. Louis became the place of their residence until the club returned to Los Angeles in 2016. These facts help understand the Rams logo history and explain why their name has changed several times.

Meaning and History logo

Los Angeles Rams Logo history

When in 1937 a name for the team was being chosen, General Manager suggested “Rams” by analogy with the Fordham Rams which was his favorite team. The team’s owner H. Marshman liked it. Since then the image of a ram’s head has been the main and, in fact, the only element of their logos irrespective of the team’s location. Yet, there was one departure from this practice.

Old Logos

Los Angeles Rams Logo old
The first emblem appeared in 1941 and it was just a ram’s head in blue and white turned to the right. At that time the team bore the name of Cleveland Rams.
In 1944 the old Los Angeles Rams logo underwent the following changes ‒ the head was turned to the left, the horns became white instead of blue, black was added as an outline, but still it was a blue ram.
This Cleveland logo remained unchanged even when the club moved to the city where they played for 50 years. So, their Los Angeles period began with the same logo but with a different name ‒ Los Angeles Rams.
In the 1950s-1960s the La Rams logo featured the same ram’s head but with more details and in a different color scheme ‒ white for the head and yellow for the horns. The black outline was preserved.
In 1970 the Rams updated their symbol a little by removing the yellow color. It was just white with a black outline as in the previous logos.

“Helmet” Emblem

Los Angeles Rams Helmet Emblem
In 1983 the Los Angeles Rams logo changed greatly. Now it was a silhouette of a helmet of dark blue color turned to the right with a face mask and yellow horns wrapped around the ear hole.
The next version of the helmet logo (1989-1994) featured a more modern face mask and it looked like a real helmet.

Wordmark Symbol

Los Angeles Rams Symbol
In 1995 a wordmark logo marked the relocation to St. Louis. It featured “Rams” and the St. Louis Arch in blue and yellow as a boarder and a yellow wordmark “ST. LOUIS” on the blue background.

New Logo

Color Los Angeles Rams logo
The newest logos beginning with 2000 again feature a ram’s head turned to the right. The colors represent the Rams’ official color scheme ‒ millennium blue, white and yellow-gold, though the Los Angeles Rams new logo of 2017 is only in blue and white.