World of Tanks Logo

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World of Tanks is an online game, developed in 2010 in Belarus. The game, where everyone can play for free or get a premium account, became incredibly popular and released its versions for consoles in 2015.

Meaning and history

World of Tanks emblem

The World of Tanks’ visual identity is a perfect reflection of the game’s nature and plot. The brutal wordmark is complemented by a memorable emblem, which shows the war character of the shooter.

The World of Tanks nameplate in all capitals is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with the letter “Of” in a smaller size. The dark gray body of the letters has a lighter gray metallic outline, which adds volume and masculinity to the inscription, making it look three-dimensional.

The World of Tanks emblem is placed above the “Of” and depicts a shield with a stylized monogram. The seller “T” forms the middle vertical bar of the “W” and has its bottom part and horizontal bar angles pointed, in order to repeat the frame contours.

World of Tanks logo

The World of Tanks logo is simple yet strong and looks actual and timeless. It shows the purpose of the game and its mood. The two shades of the gray color palette of the game’s visual identity evoke a serious and strong sense, showing the fundamental approach of the developers and the severe spirit of the game itself.