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Wish has been known as an American shopping app providing users with the chance to create lists of products they like. Products can be gathered from around the web, but you also can upload your own images. The company operating the app is ContextLogic Inc., which is based in San Francisco, US. The platform was launched in 2010 under the name of ContextLogic by Piotr Szulczewski. In 2011, Danny Zhang joined Szulczewski, and they relaunched the platform as Wish.

Meaning and history

If you wanted to describe the Wish logo with just one word, this word might be something like “ethereal” or “dreamy.” Why did the designers of the logo need this effect and how did they achieve it?

What is Wish
Wish is an online e-commerce platform, or online marketplace, which aims at facilitating interaction between sellers and buyers. It has been known for its cheap price. Instead of using a search bar format, the platform operates through browsing techniques allowing users to make individual visual setting.

2011 – present

Wish logo

The answer starts in the very name of the project. We can assume that the creators wanted to see a wish-list as something of a dream. Imagine the moment you raise your eyes and say: “I wish…” If, at this very moment, you are outside, you will see the sky, possibly with light white clouds floating here and there. Well, maybe the sky will be overcast, but who would want to use a picture of an overcast sky as the logo?
Anyway, the designers behind the Wish brand opted for the sky-cloud theme. The rounded shape of the letter “w” has something of a cloud in it. The seemingly unnecessary stroke on the left conveys the moving and floating impression, as does the italicized typeface (italics are typically associated with implied motion).
The shape of the glyphs is soft and based on the oval, which is the basic shape of a cloud. To support this theme, the designers opted for a dot above the “i” (instead of, for instance, a square, a rectangle, a splash, or even a drop – something you can see in other logotypes). Even the ends of the glyphs are slightly rounded, which supports the impression of softness.
The palette, simple as it is, perfectly fits this story. Although the combination of white and blue can be interpreted in various ways, in this case, it seems to be a transparent indication that we have the sky-cloud allusion here.


In addition to the main Wish logo, the company also has a sign and an app icon/favicon. The sign is a truncated version of the full logo, where only the initial “W” can be seen. The letter is blue over the white background.
The app icon/favicon also features the “W,” but here it is white and placed inside a blue square box with rounded corners.

Colors and font

Wish emblem

The only color used in the emblem, apart from the white background, is sky blue. To be precise, the index of this shade in the Hex system is #2FB7EC. The full palette introduced in the brand’s logo guidelines also includes a darker tone of blue (Hex: #0098D3), several shades of orange as a contrasting color, and gray, which can be used in print.
However, the logo guidelines emphasize that only the sky blue can be used for the wordmark or the icon.
As mentioned above, the script used in the Wish logo manages to be both meaningful and highly legible, which is something many designers strive to achieve. It is also minimalist and, therefore, in line with current design trends.