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Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania is the world’s first business school, and is still among the largest.

Meaning and history

Wharton logo
The Wharton School was founded in 1881 through the donations of Joseph Wharton. Today this educational institution with a century and a half offers to prepare for the bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics, accounting, management, marketing, insurance and risk management, and philosophy. The motto of the world’s oldest business school, translated from Latin, is: “The law without morals is useless” (“Leges sine moribus vanae”).


Symbol Wharton

The central symbol of the Wharton logo is the dolphin (the family symbol of Benjamin Franklin, who was the founder of the University of Pennsylvania), as well as three circles (the family symbol of William Pen, the founder of the state of Pennsylvania). Books naturally symbolize knowledge.

The Wharton School is one of the elite schools with MBA programs


Emblem Wharton

It is worth noting that the Wharton patch even after many years is proudly worn by graduates of the School (this is due to the exceptional irreproachable reputation of the school and its graduates).


The font in the logo is classic, without serifs. Its main task is to be a source of textual information. Symbolism was transferred to the image and color elements.


Color Wharton logo

The color solution of the logo is classic for American organizations. The colors of the state of Pennsylvania are red and blue, and the colors of the state flag are red, blue and white. All three colors are presented in the Wharton logo.