Western Union Logo

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Western Union Logo
Western Union is a money transfer and finance company, which was established in 1851 in the USA. Today the company operates across the globe and is one of the best known American firms worldwide.

Meaning and history

Western Union Logo history

The Western Union logo still uses the color palette of the 1969 design. The first known visual identity of the company was composed of bold futuristic lettering in black, placed on a yellow background. The “WU” monogram was the central part of the logo.
In 1990 the brand changes its logo design to a more traditional and confident one. The color palette remained untouched, but the typeface gained a classic sans-serif font, which featured extra bold lines. There were also two diagonal parallels added between the wordmark and the monogram.
The redesign of 2019 simplified and refined the previous logo. It is still composed of the yellow wordmark and a monogram, located on a black background, but there are major changes done to the typeface and spacing.
Western Union Logo
The “WesternUnion” inscription is written in a sans-serif font but with thinner and finer lines. The dot above the “I” has its bottom cut, which resembles a rising sun. The Monogram now features a condensed typeface and plays the main part in the brand’s visual identity.
The slash sign, who’s separates the nameplate from the signifier is colored white, which adds purity and lightness to the logo.
The Western Union logo is instantly recognizable due to the brave use of colors, which show the company as progressive and dynamic.