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Frydate is a unique friterie concept based in Belgium. The company, owned by the Skinn Branding Agency, offers a fresh and homemade selection of burgers and snacks. Frydate operates in various locations, including Knokke, Knokke-Heist.

Meaning and history

Frydate, founded by the Skinn Branding Agency, is a trendsetter in friterie hospitality. The company has made significant strides in branding, creating a unique visual and verbal identity. Currently, Frydate continues to offer its services in Belgium, maintaining its fresh and surprising offerings.

What is Frydate?
Frydate is a Belgium-based company that offers a unique friterie concept with a variety of burgers and snacks. It’s owned by the Skinn Branding Agency.

2023 – now

Frydate Logo

Sleek and modern, the “FRYDATE” logo presents itself with a sense of bold confidence. Set against a deep, forest-green canvas, the letters are crafted in a black shade, making them stand out prominently. The typography is both straightforward and sophisticated, with a clean, sans-serif font that speaks of contemporary elegance. The capitalization of the entire text imparts a feeling of assertiveness and authority. The careful balance between the dark backdrop and the light letters offers an alluring visual contrast, suggesting a brand that is both grounded and dynamic. The design exudes a chic urban vibe, hinting at an entity that’s in tune with today’s trends.


Frydate Emblem

Designed by the Belgium-based agency, SKINN, the Frydate emblem embodies the brand’s whimsical essence. It features an ‘F’ composed of three imaginatively tilted French fries. The lettering, fashioned in a vintage varsity typeface, integrates perfectly with the logo’s fry elements. While the artistic ‘F’ might pose challenges in clarity at reduced dimensions, the design’s intention is to ensure instant brand recognition.