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Vitol Group is a private Swiss-Dutch company specialized in the trade of oil and oil products. It was established in 1966 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From the outset, the company has been consistently expanding its business, which comprised most various sectors, from the refinery to logistics. Today Vitol is the largest oil trader in the world trading over 7 million barrels a day. In 2018, its year turnover reached a level of 231 billion US dollars.

The logo and its meaning

The logo of Vitol Group has not been changed throughout its half-century history showing stability that is so appreciated by the customers. It consists of an emblem and the company’s name “Vitol” to the right of it. The emblem is a navy blue square, which serves as a background for a white drop with a smaller drop of gold yellow tone inside. The gold drop symbolizes the oil around which the business of the company is built. The wordmark next to the emblem is made in an elegant strict font similar to the commercial Sequel Sans SemiBold Display and has the same saturated navy blue colour as the emblem’s background.

What is Vitol?
Vitol is a global energy and commodities trading company. Specializing in trading oil, gas, and related products, it handles over 7 million barrels of crude oil and products daily. Vitol operates with a unique business model, focusing on physical trading, logistics, and distribution, distinguishing it in the energy sector.

Logo Vitol

There are also several other versions of the logo in which the colour palette is changed, although keeping the main idea and structure. One version has the emblem background made in a pale grey tone. Others may have a black or blue background while the wordmark is in white.

For its customers, Vitol logo is associated with a company that, according to its official statement, sits “at the heart of global energy flows” and delivers energy and bulk materials to its customers “as quickly, responsibly and cost-effectively as possible”.