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On June 5, 2023, Apple introduced the visionOS operating system for its new VR/AR headset Vision Pro. It was designed to display the interface in 3D, and with the help of iris scanning, it ensures data security and privacy. At the architecture level, visionOS shares common blocks with macOS and iOS, but adds a new “real-time subsystem” for processing interactive visuals on Apple Vision Pro.

Meaning and history

The Vision Pro headset, introduced by Apple in the summer of 2023, is the most ambitious product and the culmination of the development of products such as the Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Apple is avoiding the word “headset.” The Vision Pro is called an “immersive computer” in the press release, but it is persistently compared to VR headsets, which is not very correct.

Apple Vision Pro is a personal movie theater, an immersive camera, a huge virtual monitor, and in the near future, probably, a gaming station as well. And especially for this super device, the company has created a separate operating system, VisionOS.

VisionOS utilizes frameworks such as SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit to extend spatial computing and help developers create deep immersive applications and immersive scenes.

VisionOS provides endless 3D space to create new interactive scenes. With this operating system, you can explore and utilize new tools from Apple, such as Xcode 15 and the new Reality Composer Pro.

The platform utilizes SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit to extend spatial computing to help create engaging applications. VisionOS also emphasizes accessibility design, providing a comfortable and convenient interaction experience for all users.

Intuitive operating system design and efficient window management in three-dimensional space are critical to the success of Vision Pro. Early previews of the visionOS beta version demonstrate that application window management is simple and easy to use.

Users can easily move, resize, and hide windows, taking full advantage of the headset’s three-dimensional spatial environment. The ability to stack windows, adjust their proximity, and visualize transparency as they change position enhances user experience and facilitates multitasking.

What is VisionOS?
VisionOS is the name of an operating system, created by Apple for the Vision Pro platform in 2023. Vision Pro is an innovative headset that augments reality by blending it with a digital interface similar to macOS and iPadOS.

In terms of visual identity, VisionOS is very laconic, just like all the other products of the Apple company. It is just a minimalistic inscription in the traditional company color palette.

2023 – Today

VisionOS Logo

The logo of the new operating system VisionOS is composed of the lettering, where the first part is set in the lowercase, and the “OS” in all capitals. The parts have no extra spacing between each other. The whole wordmark is executed in the corporate sans-serif typeface with medium-weight bars, simple yet distinctive shapes of the characters, and clean contours of the lines. The logo is set in a classic black-and-white color palette and has no graphical additions.

Font and color

VisionOS Emblem

The laconic lettering from the official logo of the VisionOS operating system is set in the corporate Apple typeface, which looks pretty close to such commercial fonts as Articulat CF Demi Bold, BB Casual Pro Medium, or Eloquia Display Semi Bold, with insignificant modifications of some contours.

As for the color palette of the VisionOS visual identity, it is very simple — black and white, as on most other logos of the company’s products. This color scheme looks very elegant and confident at the same time, leaving space for your imagination and emphasizing the qualities of the products rather than on their wrapping.