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VirtualBox is a software, which allows running programs developed for one OS on the devices with another OS. The software was created in 2007 by Oracle and bought by Sun in 2008. The software is free, as the company calls it basic.

Meaning and history

VirtualBox Logo history

2007 – 2008

VirtualBox Logo-2007
The very first Virtual Box logo was based on the image we all can see today on the modern logo. It was a sky blue and white three-dimensional cube with its upper side having a heart rate white line on it, and two other sides — a neat narrowed sans-serif lettering, also in white.

2008 – 2010

VirtualBox Logo-2008

The redesign of 2008 refined the contours of all the elements and switched a color palette of the Virtual Box logo to a darker one, with the sea-blue shade as the main one. In the new color scheme, the cube started looking more professional and “expensive”, evoking a sense of reliability and security.

2010 – Today

VirtualBox Logo

The VirtualBox logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left, which is usually used on its own as the software’s icon.

The VirtualBox nameplate is executed in a narrowed and bold sans-serif typeface with smooth rounded lines. The lettering looks neat and delicate, making the emblem the center of the software’s visual identity.

The VirtualBox logo is a white and blue three-dimensional box with its three sides containing different messages.

On the left side, there is an “Oracle” inscription, celebrating the mother brand of the software. The fighting side of the cube contains the name of the program, “VirtualBox”, in the same style as the wordmark.

The upper side of the cube contains an image of the heart rate with its sharp angles and straight lines. It is a symbol of life, progress, and development.

The white and blue color palette of the VirtualBox logo represents a high-quality software, which is reliable and safe. The combination of the brand’s signature colors also symbolizes the loyalty and responsibility of the company-developer.